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The Importance of Refresher Swim Classes

If your swimmer has not been to a pool on at least a monthly basis to reinforce the skills they gained last summer you will in many occasions experience regressions the following summer. They remember swimming but they don't remember how they did it.

An example of one way this happens is a child attempts a skill they remember performing last summer, such as jumping into the pool, and once they surface they panic because they don't remember how they used to swim back to the wall.

Another example of a way this happens is a child recognizes that they don't remember how to perform a skill and don't want to get in the pool or stay where they can stand because they are afraid. They maybe haven't been around a pool in awhile and lost their self confidence to perform skills.

Both of these are examples of swim lesson regressions. Both scenarios are challenging in different ways but the good news is, these are temporary setbacks and very common.

This is why Refresher Swim Classes are so critical for a safe summer ahead.

What Are Refresher Swim Classes?

  • These 4 - 30min classes that take place twice a week for two weeks. They are for skill review and confidence building.

  • Swimming is very much like a language, if you don't use it, you can forget it easily. Especially for young children who likely haven't been to a pool on a regular basis since last summer.

  • Please consider this course even if you saw your child as a strong swimmer last summer. It doesn't mean they remember everything from almost a year ago. Even the most confident children in the water last summer usually do experience regressions in a least a few skills.

Who Qualifies For Refresher Classes?

For swimmers that took lessons last summer and successfully graduated with the following skills are qualified for this package:

  • Successfully floated on their backs unassisted

  • Successfully swims across the pool unassisted

  • Successfully completed nose bubbles while swimming

  • Successfully retrieved toys from the bottom of the pool unassisted

  • Successfully jumped in, blasted off the bottom, and returned to the wall unassisted

  • Successfully blew bubbles, kicked, and swam their arms simultaneously unassisted

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