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Baby Swimming Class

Parent & Me

8 - 30 Minute Sessions

We do not teach ISR. This class is equally for you and your child. It allows your child to get acclimated around water and begin to feel comfortable in that environment. You, as a parent, will gain knowledge on how to best care for your child in and around water. An added bonus with this class is the social experience that you gain with other parents in the same stage of life!


8 - 30 Minute Sessions

This level of class is taught ages 2+. It is a great environment for those who have never had formal swim lessons before. We highly recommend a private setting for beginner level children with fears around water. If your child is more comfortable around water and has had some swim lesson experience, we recommend the beginner level in a Semi-Private setting. In this setting, it's encouraging to see another child perform a skill and both children help each other gain confidence in the water.

Girls Swimming Underwater
Swimming Lesson


Group Lessons - Vary Based on Age

Group lessons can be done successfully if children are prepared for that setting. We offer this lesson type for ages 5+. We recommend that a child in a group class has overcome fears of the water and is ready to take on new skills to help them on their way to proficiency. At this level, we focus on retention of skill to the point where swimmers gain endurance and can complete independently on a reccuring basis. Essentially, we build upon the foundation they have and begin to add in new skills.


6 - 1 Hour Sessions

This is an ideal class for children that have proficient swimming skills but need to focus on more advanced techniques. These classes are offered in Private, Semi-Private, and Group environments. We offer advanced lessons for children 5+ and adults. It's never too late to learn to swim, we tailor this level class to your needs as an adult.

Fun in the Pool